Coimbatore Kalaikoodam

A  Place where the truth is born, a place where our culture is created, a place where our traditional travels.

Art is the only thing which takes different forms to present itself. Sometimes it is dance, sometimes it is music, Sometimes it is acting and many more…. we don’t think we can list it.

Artist are born every day with an art form inside him, created by the formless (GOD). He finds it forms it, create it, Practice it and become an artist, but every artist has to go thru second half of the art, FINDING OPPORTUNITY. A perfect place to present himself or her to prove their art.

We select you, create an opportunity to you, we make sure the artist is born.




Who can join us?

 People with any special talent, it can be dance, music, mime, mimicry or anything you think you are special in, then call us right now.